Rev. Wayne Ivey, Senior Pastor
Rev Wayne and Mary Louise
Rev. Wayne Ivey and wife Mary Louise
Wayne was raised on a cotton farm west of Lubbock, attending Texas Tech. In 1978 Rev Wayne was ordained in Eastland, TX and has been serving churches in Texas ever since. He came to the Houston area in 1979 as Cypress Creek’s first associate minister. He sort of retired after 22 years at Taylor Lake Christian Church. He and Mary Louise have a his & hers bunch of four kids and seven grandkids. Email
Music Ministry
Michelle Smith, Chalice Bells and Chancel Choir
Michelle sings The Lord’s Prayer
Richard Palmquist
Richard Palmquist, Accompanist
Richard most recently was the Assistant Organist at The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church where he ministered for five years before coming to First Christian Church. He has a BS from the University of Maryland (MusEd, piano major) and the Union Theological Seminary in New York with the SMM degree with a major in organ. He has served churches in New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas. He and his wife Carol have three adult children and four grandchildren.

Shirley Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Shirley has been the administrative assistant at First Christian Church since 2006.  She is an avid reader, world traveler, and has a long history of working for churches. She has taught women’s Sunday school classes, been director of Vacation Bible School, Sunday school superintendent, and was a denominational ministry assistant for almost 15 years.  Shirley is an advocate for women’s equality in the church and home, and is known locally as the “street evangelist for women’s equality.” She is a blogger for women’s equality, and author of Dethroning Male Headship Second Edition and Women Equal-No Buts. Powered by the same Source, and Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood, The Power of a Book.(All are on Kindle and in print Amazon). Shirley’s book Outside the pastor’s door: Reflections of a church secretary is a collection of weekly columns she wrote for the church newsletter, The Chalice, and is available on Kindle and Amazon. Also . Beyond the Grave: A Christian Dilemma has the Foreword written by  Rev. Wayne Ivey, and From Wife to Widow: What I Know Now. Knowing that someone should record the pandemic, Shirley wrote Pandemic: An Inside Look at Our Church and COVID-19. Her latest book is The Power of a Book: The Street Evangelist. She has written a total of 9 books.